Child psychology

Child psychology addresses children with emotional difficulties, as well as giving guidance and counseling for parents and the school.
Emotional difficulties can be shown with anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem, sleep difficulties, motor instability, fear, etc. Against which, from our Family Assistance Center a diagnostic examination is carried out to know how the child is at the moment and to be able to offer an adequate therapeutic orientation transferred in a psychological treatment or psychotherapy, which is carried out by a psychologist of our team.

At the same time, follow-up interviews will be offered to parents aimed at:
Know how to set limits.
How to work jealousy.
How to establish authority.
Help with sleeping difficulties.
How to work with fears.
Other matters of concern.
We understand that the child spends many hours at school and it is decisive to contact her to establish a common job. Therefore, we organize follow-up interviews with the different professionals who assist the minor, be it the tutor, special education teacher, the school psychologist and/or the psychopedagogist to work together.

Psychology, Speech Therapy and Pedadogy

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